Offleash photography | About

A little bit about me... I have loved photography my entire life, from the original polaroids with family long ago, to taking classes with film developing 30 years ago through the new digital extravaganza. Just in the past several years have I become a more serious about "putting it out there". I have been a wildlife enthusiast forever, with a BS degree in wildlife management and masters in biology. I am a veterinarian by profession and practice as an internal medicine specialist with my veterinary surgeon husband in beautiful Bend, Oregon. My husband shares my enthusiasm for the outdoors and is an avid fly fisherman. We have 2 awesome children, one in college, the other graduated. I have photographed our lives and the beauty we have explored together for the past 23 years and I want to keep on! As I see and photograph more I also realize how fragile our earth is and I have a heartfelt commitment to bring images of the natural world to those that are not aware of how important a role every aspect of our natural world plays.. from water flow in rivers to protecting species that have been endangered by human activity... Being outside with camera in hand brings peace and wonder to my soul.