Solar Eclipse 2017

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My Solar eclipse adventure.....

Total Solar eclipse 2017Total Solar eclipse 2017This is a composite of 13 images from the solar eclipse 2017 taken in Central Oregon.. A truly fantastic experience! On August 21, 2017 the Solar Eclipse spectacle occurred in my own backyard (practically).. The hype of the crowds coming to central Oregon drove me and most of my home town of Bend to clear out Safeway and Costco of bottled water, and to truly use up the gas available in the gas stations by 4 days before the event! The crowds passed through Bend enroute to Prineville and Madras, and left our streets a bit eerie really! So, In Bend there was supposed to be 99.7% totality..round up to 100% right?? not quite. I decided the morning of the eclipse to trek over to a spot WEST of Sisters area which was in 100% totality, really not knowing if I would get stuck in traffic, not be able to find a place to view the event... I left home at 5:30 AM and found myself at my desired spot by 6:20! WOW! I felt lucky and a little chagrined to have been so concerned that the crowds would be insane.. well, I discovered none of that.. I also was fortunate to find that the huge vexing Milli fire that was burning with little containment outside of Sisters was not going to be an issue.. The smoke was blowing south....But as I drove through Sisters I almost turned around...

smoky morning enroute to the viewing!smoky morning enroute to the viewing! BUT!! Fortunately I did not turn around and continued on to Black Butte Ranch, Blue sky and a hint of smoke in the (ok more than a hint) But good visibility!! My BFF's family was there so I sheepishly texted... Ummm,,, I decided to come up! I'm here!! ...6:30 am.. 

So, off to find my spot.. I found a great spot looking southeast and set everything up... Attached my brand new Solar filter and peered at my live view screen... so cool!! With setting set on manual. with a remote shutter I started the process. All of the Images before and after the totality are taken on the same setting... ISO 320,f7.1,shutter speed 1/2000, 400 mm on a crop sensor effectively giving me 640 mm.. The other thing that was important was finding my infinity setting ON THIS LENS the night before and taping it so my images would be in focus.. (THANK YOU AARON BAGGENSTOS for teaching me this trip in Alaska prepping for Northern Lights)...

 So, the show began... click, click....MANY, MANY images later, as the temperature dropped and I reached for my sweatshirt, as an eerie quiet (except for the other people close by) enshrouded the field I was in, as the moon was passing in front of the sun...TOTALITY!.. quick to remove the solar filter and then capture as many images using different shutter speeds as possible for the very brief minute of totality... from 1/60 to 1/ capture different aspects of the corona..


Filter back on..I can breathe.. Over in the adjacent field the horses were really unnerved by the whole thing.. Many stood looking up transfixed, then as the light slowly returned they ran and kicked and acted to each other...then slowly, when the full light returned went back to their business of grazing...

Horses reaction to day becoming night and then Day againHorses reaction to day becoming night and then Day again Horses reaction to day becoming night and then Day again

So, all in all it was an experience and a photo adventure I will never forget and am so glad I went for the extra 3%...Yep... it made all the difference.. Isn't that a life lesson right there!!! If you are going to do it, whatever it is ..go out and do it right, leave it all on the field.. 


Sitting, waiting....Sitting, waiting....Sitting over;ooking the smokey haze, waiting for day to become night to become day IT'S DARK!!!!IT'S DARK!!!!




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