Anticipation!!! Day 1 LOOOONG travel Day!

January 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

iphone says.......12:10,1:38,2:18,3:08,3:30  AM...what the heck, I'm awake anyway! Into the shower. 

It's so early Bodhi doesn't even wake up, Andhi stands at the door groggy, tail wagging slowly. I can see it's definitely cookie anticipation on his part..but my anticipation this early morning is big...BIG!!  It's the  Cheetah in the Dry Grass August 2010, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania going on a trip excitement !!!I I remember how it used to feel when Mom and Dad would wake us at zero dark thirty, pile Robin and I in the back seat ...groggy, stomach acidy and churning at the unexpected hour. Then the realization that we were on a 12 hour car trip to the Metolius.River and our cabin...that meant days horseback riding, fishing, walking to the little rustic store for penny candy..When we remember WHY we are up so early, is when the comic books come out, and the waiting for the breakfast stop for pancakes at bill and kathies on I5. As life's turns and twists have it I am starting this trip from the Metolius,or not too far from there really, and heading halfway across the world. To Kenya. My second trip to the African continent, my first 4 1/2 years ago to Tanzania.. Compliments of my inheritance from mom and dad . All four of us went on that journey and it was truly a memory for all of us to hold dear forever.....or I should say many memories bound by the long travel on both sides! On Facebook yesterday one of my friends said that Africa travel is response was Tanzania was my first pull, but a photography expedition to Kenya is a definite Gateway drug!!!

 So, today I am off on a solo trip, solo as far as the family goes...this one is about my passion for the wild, the animals that inspire me to see them, try to really see them in their own  environment.. They allow us to enter their world, to watch and wonder. And photograph. Something so compelling to me about a moment frozen in time. A blurring frenzied rush of wings or a simple essential moment of rest. A maternal gaze that crosses species, that cloak of protection every mother casts over her babes. I love to see this connection, I love to know that the sentiment is so familiar. The essence of life, the basics shown brilliantly in wildlife. I recognize the emotion, watching a huge mama Grizzly and her cubs knowing that today she must feed them, she has to work for it and nothing will stop her pursuit. Of course, our human dilemma is different, at least in "the first world". But the bare essentials are the very same. We need to care for, teach, protect and provide for our young. So, this trip is about immersing in moments, capturing those moments of basic living that make us remember... We are not so different.



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